Banking and financial institutions

The banking and non-banking financial services markets are faster-moving and more volatile than ever before. Clients are eager to have higher standards and expectations. The industry is operating under constantly changing operating environment and a high degree of regulation at both national and international level. Regular review of strategic orientation and strategic options has become the norm.

The challenges

  • Financial Institutions require high and tighter risk management.
  • The regulatory environment is emphasising in strict compliance in the investment management business.
  • Private banking is under pressure and facing growing change at a strategic level.

How MZI can support in this challenge?

Our experienced professionals in the sector are capable to provide valuable support to our clients to face these challenges.  Our teams cover the following areas: banks, insurance, leasing, securities traders, asset managers, investment funds and investment companies.

Selected services

  • Auditing of financial statements and consolidated financial statements.
  • Regulatory audits.
  • Transitions and advisory services in compliance with IAS/IFRS.
  • Internal Audit services.
  • Advisory and support of Internal Audit, risk management.
  • Auditing and advisory services for Qualified Intermediaries (QI).
  • Valuation, recording, disclosure, and tax structuring of financial products.
  • Auditing and advisory services in regard to performance measurement and presentation.


List of major clients (Current & former):

  • Fast Financial Ltd. (Provident Fund)
  • Rupali Life Insurance
  • One Bank Ltd.
  • Grameen Fund
  • Grameen Capital Management
  • CAPM Financial Institute

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