How do you insure successful change?

There is hardly any other sector where the conflict between regulation and deregulation is as great as it is in the field of insurance schemes and pension funds. Similarly, there is hardly any other sector in which companies are required so forcefully to answer strategic questions clearly in a future-proof manner. MZI can help to safeguard established strengths and to build up new ones.

The questions that arises

  • What specific challenges arise for this sector from the various standards of accounting?
  • How can insurers take full account of national and international regulations?
  • How are increased standards for risk management and corporate governance in the insurance market to be met?
  • How can the profitability of insurance schemes and pension funds continue to increase?
  • Where and how can the local insurance industry profit from new potential business opportunities (e.g. captives, emerging markets)?
  • How can the insurance companies apply the new IFRS in preparing and disclosing information in the financial statements?

Why MZ Islam Co.?

As the quality service provider in the insurance field we are able to provide throughout Bangladesh what is both a comprehensive and professional range of services in auditing, tax and legal advice and business consultancy.

  • We allocate an experienced team to our client’s case, a team familiar with activates of the insurance world and in close touch with on-going developments.
  • We help to achieve greater transparency and efficiency in reporting, accounting, internal control systems and risk management.
  • We provide, administer inspection mandates and support in questions of insurance control and tax planning.
  • We analyse, plan and accompany our client’s projects in fields such as improvement, mergers and acquisitions, business continuity and business restructuring.


List of major clients

  • JibanBima Corporation.
  • Rupali Insurance Company Ltd.

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