Technology, telecommunications etc.

What will result from the convergence of media?

Globalization, digitalization, restructuring and convergence: These days no industry is moving more quickly than technology, communications and the media. MZ Islam & Co helps to exploit change and growth to the benefit of our client’s business.

 The questions that arises

  • How can technological innovation be converted into marketable business solutions quickly and profitably?
  • How do we go about systematically keeping costs under control and exploiting revenue potential?
  • What new businesses and successful business models are emerging in the wake of digitalization, mobility and other social developments?
  • How can we make sure our products and services are optimally geared to our various target audiences?
  • How can we exploit the opportunities convergence is bringing without losing focus on our own core business?
  • How can we effectively defend established markets and penetrate new growth markets at home and abroad?

Why MZ Islam & Co?

Thanks to a combination of interdisciplinary know-how and international market presence, can serve as a versatile and reliable guide to the future of technology, telecommunications and the media.

  • We work with our client to create tailor-made solutions drawing on our comprehensive auditing and advisory expertise to address the specifics of our client’s situation.
  • We deliver integrated solutions that take account of all the relevant strategic, technological, financial, operational and regulatory issues.


List of major clients

  • Rangs Motors Ltd.
  • Synesis IT Ltd.
  • First Communications Limited
  • Bangla Telecom Ltd
  • Enter IT BD Ltd
  • BBC Bangladesh Ltd.

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