Why MZ Islam

MZI was established in 1998 under the name MZ Islam & Co, Chartered Accountants.  In more than twenty years of its journey it has a track of successfully maintaining its reputation for professional competence, excellence in assisting its clients with due care and upholding professional standards and ethics in Bangladesh.

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MZ Islam & Co (MZI), a professional firm, offers services in the field of accounting, audit & assurance, tax & legal services, management consultancy and advisory.  MZI works for a broad group of clients: mostly domestic and international companies, small and medium enterprises, non-government organization and government institutions.

Bangladesh market is shaped by a constantly changing operating environment and a high degree of regulation at both national and international level. The day to day complicated problems faced by clients require a multi-disciplinary approach. Our professionals are specialists in their fields. Our professionals strive to add value for the benefits of clients. Their experiences are gained through their affiliation in a wide range of different organizations and markets.

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